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Investing in high-growth technology companies in Europe's innovation capital.

Cambridge Innovation Capital (CIC) invests in intellectual property rich companies from the University of Cambridge and the wider research and business community around the Cambridge region, known as the Cambridge Cluster. CIC’s ambition is to identify, shape, nurture and inspire category leaders in rapidly growing technology sectors.

Building leading businesses requires the combination of innovative technology, talented researchers and experienced entrepreneurs. CIC unites these components to optimise each investment opportunity. Supporting such companies requires patience, and the ten-year lifespan of the typical limited liability venture capital fund has the potential to impede their ambitions. CIC, however, invests from its own balance sheet and so isn’t driven to seek a premature exit. This helps portfolio companies to flourish under CIC’s stewardship.

CIC is a preferred investor for the University of Cambridge, extending the reach of its investment opportunities beyond seed funds. CIC’s unique relationship with Cambridge Enterprise, the commercialisation arm of the University, provides it with co-investment opportunities and pre-emption rights over University of Cambridge spin-outs.

CIC is predominantly, but not exclusively, focused on healthcare and technology investment opportunities. Its focus is on companies that have received seed funding from early-stage investors and are seeking further funding to support growth. However, CIC also makes seed stage investments where the opportunity presented justifies the risk. Once a company is in the portfolio, CIC aims to support it through to maturity.

CIC has a balanced and experienced Board and has access to many of the Cambridge Cluster’s leading academics and entrepreneurs though its Scientific and Technology Advisory Panel. The Panel assists with the identification and scientific and technology analysis of investment opportunities. Together, CIC’s Board, Panel and senior management team have significant experience in technology entrepreneurship, much of it gained through commercialisation of technology in the Cluster.

CIC is committed to investing in and building leading businesses from brilliant technologies.

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