Origami Energy provides real-time monitoring and control of distributed energy assets through intelligent, versatile and secure technology.

Energy flexibility is the ability of an energy asset to turn up/down or on/off. This energy flexibility is becoming increasingly valuable to help balance electricity systems around the world as increasing amounts of inflexible and intermittent renewable generation is added to the energy mix. Origami Energy has developed intelligent, versatile and secure technology to optimally generate value from this flexibility in real-time and allows flexibility providers to generate better financial returns from their assets and flexibility users to buy, sell and trade better.

Origami Energy provides its technology through strategic partnership agreements with energy suppliers and traders. Origami Energy also provides fully funded, turnkey energy storage solutions designed to reduce energy bills, generate new income streams and enhance energy security.  

Origami Energy’s technology is architected to deliver global solutions and is already tested and commercially proven in the highly deregulated UK energy market.

CIC’s funding is enabling the company to scale up from its initial commercial proof points to developing strategic partnerships with leading European energy suppliers.

CIC point of contact: Andrew Williamson

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