From liquid biopsies to clinical outcomes

Inivata is a clinical cancer genomics company based in Cambridge, UK and Research Triangle Park, NC.  It is harnessing the emerging potential of circulating tumour DNA (ctDNA) analysis to improve cancer management, bringing benefits for oncologists and their patients.  Using a simple blood test, ctDNA analysis is a new tool for oncologists to monitor cancer, stratify patients, and assess individual response to treatment.  This non-invasive approach – a liquid biopsy – offers a revolution in how cancer is detected, monitored and treated

Inivata’s scientific founders are leading figures in the ctDNA field. Nitzan Rosenfeld, James Brenton and Davina Gale are from Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute, University of Cambridge and Tim Forshew is from UCL Cancer Institute, University College London.

Inivata is applying its enhanced TAm-Seq™ technology to address critical clinical decision points in cancer care: leading international oncology centres, clinicians and academic groups.

£31.5m raised in Series A funding, January 2016

A revolution in clinical cancer genomics

Inivata does not use a tissue biopsy but instead detects and analyses genomic material from a cancer patient’s cell-free, circulating tumour DNA (ctDNA), which can be collected through a simple blood sample.

This non-invasive approach – a liquid biopsy – offers a revolution in how cancer is monitored and treated.

A culture of collaboration

Inivata has a comprehensive understanding of cancer genomics and circulating tumour DNA. Its goal is to provide physicians with the information they need, to provide the best outcomes for patients and effective design for clinical trials.

To achieve this, Inivata works with leaders in industry and academic research to develop new clinical applications for ctDNA analysis. These applications will bring real benefits to physicians, patients, pharmaceutical companies and payers.

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