Fluidic Analytics is developing products based on a new technology for protein characterisation that emerged from the labs of Professor Tuomas Knowles at the University of Cambridge.  Here a group of scientists were inspired by the roles that proteins play in the biological world and driven to understand about how they behave and function but, frustrated by the lack of suitable tools for protein characterisation, they decided to invent their own.


Their vision is that protein science will transform our understanding of how the biological world operates in real time, a development which could be as revolutionary as the way that DNA sequencing has transformed our understanding of how the biological world operates over decades, lifetimes and generations.

Fluidic Analytics’ technology allows proteins to be characterised in a rapid, accurate and cost-effective manner. It is based on the unique behaviour of protein solutions in steady-state laminar flow. This approach allows proteins to be distinguished in simple solutions, cell lysates or even complex mixtures like blood plasma by separating them, in sequential, near-simultaneous steps, based on their physical properties, then quantifying each resolved protein in a highly sensitive, highly precise manner.  As the technology works best in extremely small volumes under physiological conditions, even highly complex protein solutions can be characterised rapidly, in small sample volumes and without extensive sample preparation.

The company is developing a line of laboratory research tools to address the key market segments of protein quantitation, quantitative immunoassays and protein-protein interactions – segments that are predicted to account for more than US$2 billion in combined sales by 2020.

Fluidic Analytics is aiming to improve fundamentally the quantity and quality of data that can be gathered from protein samples, with applications first in the research tools market, then in the clinic diagnostics and ultimately in the consumer healthcare segments.  Shipment of the first product, the Flow Mk 1, began in 2016.

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