Cambridge Medical Robotics is a private company developing the next-generation universal robotic system for minimal access, or “keyhole” surgery.

The company's vision is to make minimal access surgery universally accessible and affordable by significantly expanding the range of procedures that can be performed robotically. Global annual revenues for robot-assisted minimal access surgery are presently approximately $4 billion and are anticipated to reach $20 billion by 2025.

Minimal access surgery delivers acknowledged clinical benefits which include less trauma, reduced scarring, faster recovery times and lower costs for healthcare providers.   However, minimal access surgery is not available to everyone because the techniques are hard to master, the training time long and the procedure physically demanding to perform.  Robot-assisted surgery can offer all the benefits of manual minimal access surgery while crucially making life easier for the surgeon at an affordable cost. 



To bring the benefits of robotic assisted minimal access surgery to a wider group of patients CMR is developing a next-generation robotic system that aims to make the benefits of minimal access surgery universally accessible and affordable.  Its modular system uses state-of-the-art 3D high-definition imagery, significantly enhanced flexibility, and force feedback to provide surgeons with life-like sensitivity.

Specifically, its innovative Versius system is:

  • Versatile, increasing the range of procedures supported, including head and neck, upper GI gastrointestinal, colorectal, and bariatric
  • Affordable, delivering comparable costs to manual minimal access surgery
  • Innovative, incorporating wristed 5mm instruments and restoring a sense of touch to surgeons
  • Easy for surgeons to adopt with minimal additional training
  • Supportive of all common port placements and surgical techniques
  • Design-optimised for ease of use by all surgical team members
  • Compact and light-weight, easy to install, manoeuvre and set up
  • Modular and adaptable to all operating environments
  • Safe, reflecting the best practice safety protocols and procedures

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