A list of current vacancies amongst our portfolio companies can be found here:

Current vacancies at Audio Analytic can be found at www.audioanalytic.com/careers

Current vacancies at AudioTelligence can be found at https://www.audiotelligence.com/careers/

Current vacancies at Bicycle can be found at https://www.bicycletherapeutics.com/careers/

Current vacancies at Carrick can be found at http://www.carricktherapeutics.com/careers/

Current vacancies at CMR can be found at http://www.cmedrobotics.com/careers/

Current vacancies at Congenica can be found at www.congenica.com/join-the-team/

Current vacancies at Cytora can be found at https://cytora.com/careers/

Current opportunities at Fluidic Analytics can be found at www.fluidicanalytics.com/news/careers-opportunities/

Current vacancies at Geospock can be found at www.geospock.com/jobs.html

Current vacancies at Imagen can be found at http://imagenevp.com/careers/

Current vacancies at Inivata can be found here http://inivata.com/contact/#careers-section

Current vacancies at Jukedeck can be found at www.jukedeck.com/careers

Current vacancies at Microbiotica can be found at https://www.microbiotica.com/careers

Current vacancies at Origami Energy can be found at www.origamienergy.com/origami-careers/

Current vacancies at PervasID can be found at http://www.pervasid.com/aboutus/careers/

Current vacancies at PragmatIC can be found at https://www.pragmatic.tech/about/careers

Current vacancies at Prowler.io can be found at https://www.prowler.io/careers

Current vacancies at Storm Therapeutics can be found at https://www.stormtherapeutics.com/contact/careers/

Current vacancies at Swim.ai can be found at https://www.swim.ai/careers

Current vacancies at Undo can be found at http://undo.io/about-us/careers/